How Can Make Your Neck Thicker?

im 26,and 110 lbs,ive been thin and gangley my whole life, my neck and body also,i turned to hormone replacment clinics that tried helping me gain wieght with testosterone and so on, and it didnt help, i want my thin ganlgley neck to be thicker permanently, ive seen silicone peck, deltoid,calf, jaw implants, and neck lifts, BUT no neck thickening surgerys. one company said for 10,000$ theyd make me a silicon implantable neck colour/sleeve. how much would it cost to implant it? its a custom fit.

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Making your neck thicker

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In a word: NO.  There are no surgical options for increasing the diameter of your neck.  Go the gym, find a reputable trainer, and develope your neck muscles.  Anyone who suggests surgery for this is a charlatan.

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