What to Do About White Spots on the Back of my Calves?

I have various sized white colored dots on the back of my calf muscles. I am not sure the cause but I am speculating The Florida Sun. Is there any sort of treatment that would rid of the white spots? I have heard bleaching cream and retin~a may help. is there any truth to this? Trust me when I say I wear nothing less than a SPF 30 sunscreen when outdoors for the shortest period of time. Thank You for your time

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White Spots on Calves

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This appears to be a fairly common condition, found in all races and skin types, called idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis. Although idiopathic means that we do not know the cause, in this case, it most likely is due to chronic sun exposure. It is felt that the melanocytes get burnt out, and stopped producing melanin. If the areas are symmetric bilaterally, then vitiligo must be considered.

We used to treat this with gentle cryotherapy ( freezing) and sometimes, the pigment would return. There was a recent paper which showed that Latisse, the medication used to help eyelashes grow and darken, applied to these areas might cause them to regain their pigment. This obviously is an off label treatment


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White spots on the calf

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before any recommendations can be given about the white spots on your calves, the diagnosis must be made correctly. Is it a pigment loss, and if so, is it a full depigmentation or hypopigmentation (partial loss)? Is it a chemical side effect or an autoimmune condition? Is it a chronic infection, or a manifestation of an internal problem. Is it something other than pigment, such as a focal loss of blood flow causing pale areas discreetly, called nevus anemicus? Please see a board-certified dermatologist.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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