What's the Most Overrated Wrinkle Treatment?

Botox, Thermage, wrinkle creams?

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Hyped wrinkle treatments

My money might be on Thermage. I spent some time in a practice that concentrated on Cosmetic Dermatology. They had a Thermage unit and basically had to make adjustments for patients because it was painful, expensive and gave disappointing results. The company has since upgraded the machine and salesmen have approached me a number of times in regards to purchasing one. They claim that this machine is a vast improvment from their first edition, but the word is, though it is less painful, especially when used with different settings, many patients are still disappointed. The fact it only garners a 37% worth it rating on RealSelf makes me think that it still needs tweaking.

A strong argument could be made that Strivectin is the most overrated wrinkle treatment. Something about their advertising just seems to stick in my craw. Their original hype that Strivectin was better than Botox drew the ire of the FTC and Allergan.This ad has been replaced by a interogatory and now we read: Better Than Botox?. As I said on our radio show June 4th, the equivalent would be: Oppenheim Better Than Kobe? Well, no. Oppenheim was a third string high school basketball player and Kobe is Kobe. But as long as a question mark is put behind it, then it becomes an accurate statement. Also galling is that they quote a Doctor, who raves about their product. They fail to mention her degree is a PhD in Nutrition. Further she is on their payroll! Plus, I technically think there are products that work as well and are much cheaper. Oil of Olay's Regenerist has Matrixyl, the ingredient they rave about, at a much lower cost.

This is a provocative question and I am hope others come come up with their choices.

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