When to Remove Scar Surgically on 7 Year Old Child, Wound 2 Month Old? (Photos)

When to remove scar surgically on 7 year old child, wound 2 month old due to fall and impact of floor.Deep y shaped wound on fore head healed leaving a triangular scar, currently using contractubex.What are different option to remove the scar and when?

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Early treatment for child with forehead scar

Dear zasarwar

  • First off, so sorry that your 7 year old had this accident.  Treatment at this time should focus on:
  1. No sun exposure ( recommend hats, daily suncreen, and reapplication of sunscreen even if it is cloudy.)
  2. Gentle massage with lotion of your choice
  3. Have Patience.  In the next 6-12 months, the scar will contract and become better no matter what you do.
  4. Consider reviewing the scar therapy treatments (silicone sheets/gels, paper tape, etc), but there is not evidence that one is better than another.
  5. At about a year after the injury, the wide scar can be removed wtih a scar revision technique (w plasty) that will make a big improvement.
  6. After maturity, resurfacing of the skin or Laser treatment  can then be considered. 

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