When Will My Mandible Stop Growing? (photo)

I'm 14 years old, and I have a Class III underbite (10mm). I have been extremely insecure about it since the 6th grade, I hate meeting new people because I know it's the first thing they notice about me. I want Corrective Jaw Surgery as soon as possible, if it helps, in the 6th grade it was 4mm I'm in the 9th grade and it's -10mm, I'm about 5'7 and my feet are size 9.5-10, any guesses on when I will ever STOP growing so I can get the surgery?! I'm sick and tired of waking up miserable.

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At 14 your jaw is probably still growing and may for the next few years. It would be a good idea however to be seen by a craniofacial surgeon who can get cephalometrics( measurements with x-rays) to determine whether you have mid face retrusion or as you suggest prognathism( prolonged jaw).  Best of luck.  Of course, you will need your parents' permission to do so.

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