When to Get More Aggressive in Treating Open Section of TT Scar? (photo)

I am 32 days post op full TT. On day 22, part of my scar opened up (photo). My surgeon is three hours away (and he is on holidays), so I went to ER. The doctor put steri-strips on, which were replaced on day 25. On day 28, the section was just as big, so the home care nurse put silver mesh/bandage on it and no steri -strips. I replaced the silver mesh daily as it was seeping through the bandage, but section is still not closing, 10 days later. When should I seek out surgical closure?

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Tummy tuck wound dehiscence

HI I'm sorry you are going through this!   Do NOT attempt any surgical closure- let your body do the work.  I recommend letting this wound air dry as much as possible and at this point just get rid of the steristrips.  This will heal fine!  Keep in touch with your physician!  Best wishes!


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Scar treatment for a tummy tuck scar - Los Angeles

Every surgeon has a particular scar management protocol.  Once the scar epithelializes, I would treat with pulsed dye laser and scar injections to reduce scarring. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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