When Does Peeling Start After Photofacial?

How long does it take for the face to peel after a Photofacial? I got my first one done on Friday and it is now almost Tuesday and my face hasn't peeled at all. Is this normal?

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Peeling after a Photofacial

After laser treatments (or IPL) for sun damage, we typically see pigment "flake" off rather than peel off anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks after treatment. "Peeling" is not expected to occur after an photofacial in general and definitely not if facial redness or fine lines were being treated. The only peeling would be the flaking off of age spots and sun damage.

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Is there skin peeling with a photofacial?

Areas of hyperpigmentation will "flake" off in approximately 1 week.  There is no skin peeling like you would experience with a peel.

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Peeling after a Photofacial

You should not get any peeling from a photofacial.  The goal of a photofacial is to decrease the red and brown pigment in the skin.   The browns will get darker and more apparent after a photofacial and then will sluff off, but you should not peel like a chemical peel or laser peel.

Photofacial therapy in Los Angeles

Our office specializes in IPL facials in Los Angeles. We use a combination protocol for our photofacials that includes application of creams before and after the photofacial session. The combination of IPL + creams allows for a more definitive improvement in surface sun damage, complexion, photoaging, and solar lentigenes.


Photofacials help improve brown discoloration and broken capillaries that cause surface redness on the skin. Brown discoloration can further be improved with application of Melarase creams twice daily (Melarase AM and Melarase PM).


Downtime is relatively minimal compared to other treatments. Our office employs the Limelight technology and we feel this is an excellent modality in terms of its safety and efficacy.




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No peeling after photofacial

Your face won't peel but it may get red and sometimes swelling can occur as well. Scabs will appear but don't pick them. 

Peeling after a photofacial

The face doesn't really "peel" after a photofacial.The brown spots that become darker brown will flake off, but it is not really noticeable peeling. It typically takes 4-7 days for the brown spots to flake off.

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"Peeling" begins within 3-5 days

Do not expect the type of peeling you would see from a chemical peel. During the treatment, the pigmentation is drawn to the surface and will being to flake off in 3-5 days. 

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IPL should not cause peeling

IPL treatments should not cause peeling.  Instead IPL treatments may cause flaking of the treated area.  This flaking can occur a few days to a week out from treatment.

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Photofacial does not cause peeling

Photofacials with intense pulsed light do not cause peeling.  Brown spots turn darker and crispy and flake off in about one week.  Spider veins fade.  The light penetrates into the skin and stimulates collagen but does not affect the surface skin cells, so peeling does not occur.

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Normally there is no peeling after a photo facial

Photo facials consist of IPL treatments of red and brown discoloration of the skin.  The IPL component that treats broken capillaries and diffuse redness just affects the vessels in the dermis, so it should not cause any peeling.

The IPL component that treats brown discoloration does affect the surface of the skin, but what is seen is the pigment initially getting darker, then breaking down into "coffee grounds" type tiny brown spots that eventually are shed from the surface.

So there should not be any peeling after a photo facial.

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