May I Do Weight Lifting After My Double Mastectomy a Year Ago?

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Weight Lifting After My Double Mastectomy a Year Ago?

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By six weeks the wound strength is almost (90%) as strong as it will be, so even that early patients can begin to resume all activities. By now, no issues. Just take it light the first day or so.


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Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I clear my patients at six weeks

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assuming there were no other issues such as wound healing problems and so forth that would have interfered with the scar tissue achieving maximum strength.   You should talk to your surgeon to verify because he knows your history and therefore any factors that would have delayed your wound healing to where he felt you might have a problem. Remember also that while it takes at least six weeks to recondition to your previous level of fitness and strength, it only takes two weeks to lose that level.  So do not expect to start at where you were prior to surgery, you will have to build back up to that level of conditioning in a prudent fashion.  Good luck and do well!

Eleanor J. Barone, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Weightlifting post mastectomy

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You are now a year out and there is no reason you can not tersume normal activity exercise wise.

Weight lifting after bilateral mastectomy is okay.

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Although every plastic surgeon differs on his/her postoperative instruction/clearance on activity level, one year is more than enough time for you to start weight lifting. 

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