Legitimate Vitiligo Cures Offered Online?

I have been looking around the web for doctors and cures for this condition, and I just want to know, are there any treatments offered in the Internet, pill-wise, that are actually legitimate?

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Excimer 308 laser and Narrow-Band UVB phototherapy only proven therapy for Vitiligo

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Buyers beware. The most effective therapy for vitiligo involves Excimer 308 laser and/or narrow-band ultraviolet B (NBUVB) phototherapy supervised by a board-certified dermatologist with or without topical Protopic and/or topical steroid. There is no clinically proven oral or topical homeopathic or herbal medication for this rather challenging autoimmune skin condition where the immune system has mounted production of proteins or antibodies that attack one's pigment producing cells on the skin.

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