What is Vitilago?

i have a discoloration on the left side of my abdomen since my second pregnancy and i was told it was from the pressure of the baby and it would go away it has been 20 years and now it is going above the naval left side still and around to the back of the hip is it vitilago? it gets more red and purple after i eat.

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What is Vitiligo?

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Vitiligo is an auto-immune condition in which the immune system attacks the cells that make color in the skin (called melanocytes). These melanocytes then stop making color leading to a bright white spot on the skin. It can occur anywhere on the skin but favors the eyelids, neck, elbows, hands, genitals, and feet.

Although most patients with Vitiligo are otherwise healthy, it can be associated with low-thyroid levels which can lead to fatigue and weight gain. A blood test can easily check for this issue.

There are many other causes of light or white spots on the skin, so consult a board-certified dermatologist to diagnose and treat any unusual skin coloration.

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