V Beam/Smoothbeam Vs Photofacial for Hyperpigmentation

hello i had a huge break out due to over treating he skin. i didnt really had acne before but stressful times caused it. im currently taking retin-a 0.1 pct and hydroquinone 8 pct its working way to slow. so know i want to have a vbeam or Smoothbeam laser.. what can you guys recommend me. i have pics Apreciated dearly.

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Acne and laser treatments

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It looks like you have breakouts and redness. We find this responds best to Vbeam and photodynamic therapy with levulinic acid. You will have reduced ance as well as redness after 2-4 treatments. The amount of redness and swelling/inflammation seen in these photos leads me to recommend this.

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