Eating Less and Gaining weight?

Hi! So i am 21 and a girl and I want to lose weight but I'm afraid that I'm not eating enough. I didn't think I wasn't getting enough food but I'm not hungry. I'll eat a little bit and feel so full. Sometimes I just have 2 meals a day and feel fine. But my weight keeps going up. It makes me upset because I don't feel hungry and if I eat more I feel like I'm eating too much. I don't know what I should do.

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Balanced Eating Plan

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The most important thing is to make sure that every meal and every snack is balanced between carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat. Many girls have a strong affinity for carbohydrates. They should be no more than 50% of any meal or any snack. Eating 50% of calories as protein and healthy fat will help you lose weight and keep your metabolism strong. When combined with a sensible exercise program your health and your weight should improve.

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Eating Less and Gaining Weight

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Two common reasons for this are; eating the wrong foods and/or not eating enough foods. You might be eating smaller meals or snacking less often, but you may be eating foods that contain more calories. This leads to weight gain. Maybe you're eating too little, which can lead to decreased fat loss and hinder your weight loss results. You may benefit from a medical weight loss program. You can schedule an appointment with a Bariatric  Physician. 

Its what you eat

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You should eat more- more fruit and vegetables and less other things like bread, pasta, rice. Make sure you have a cup of vegetables or two cups at night.  Walk more - eat more vegetables, and less everything else.

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