Can Uneven Nasal Sills After Bullhorn Lip Lift Be Fixed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift a week ago. The surgeon cut along the nasal sill into my nostril area in order to hide the scar when performing the lift. Now my nasal sills are healing unevenly. The right nasal sill is lower than the left and there's a divot in the right nasal sill which makes my nostril appear larger than my left. Can this be fixed? Can my right nasal sill be augmented somehow to match the other? Also, the scar under my right nostril is bumpy. Will the bumpiness go down as I heal?

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Scars take time to mature

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Thank you for submitting your photographs and I hope your recovering well from your surgery.  The immediate post-operative period can be a very challenging time for patients.  Many of my own patients recall looking in the mirror and asking themselves "why did I do this", only to look in the mirror months later and be thrilled with their results.

From what you've posted, it seems like your surgery was only 1-week ago.  Scars go through a maturation process that can take up to 12-months.  During this maturation process you can expect the following from your wounds:

Day 2: Maximal swelling and discomfort.

Days 2-10: Initial improvement, with some persistent swelling. By day 7, facial wounds are essentially healed - meaning they are closed and won't re-open spontaneously.

Weeks: 2 - 6: Improvement in the wound.  

Weeks: 6 - 8: This is the time period where you would benefit from dermabrasion if your scar isn't quite smooth, and/or Triamcinalone/Kenalog (steroid) injections if your scar is too prominent (scar hypertrophy).  

Weeks: 8 - 12: This is where you really start to see what the final result will look like.

Weeks: 12+: Slow gradual improvement in the colour, pigmentation, height irregularities and width of the scar. 

Bottom line, its far too early to judge your wounds and start to think of revision surgery.  Keep in mind that revision surgery is always possible if things aren't quite right.  Also, we sometimes don't notice minor asymmetries in our own facial features until they've been operated upon - that's why its so important to have pre-operative photos taken.  Give things time to heal.

In the meantime, make sure you follow-up with your surgeon.  Talk to your doctor about your concerns and allow him/her to address them.  Use an antibiotic ointment for the first few days after surgery and then switch over to Vaseline for the remaining few days.  After 1-week, start applying sunscreen to the area and consider purchasing a silicone-based scar ointment/cream.  Massage the wounds regularly to help flatten them out.  

Hope this gives you a bit more comfort during your recovery. 

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fixing the nostrils after lip lift procedures or alar reduction

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Minor scar revision and laser resurfacing will help even out the scar tissue and the base of your nostrils. 

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