What Type of Procedure Should I Have Now That I Have Had Several Punch Float Sessions, and Three Punch Grafts? (photo)

Hi There, I'm a 27 year old caucasian female. I have had three sessions of what my cosmetic dermatologist refers to as "punch floats" for acne scars, which consisted of about 30 to 40 "punch floats" on each cheek, and 3 "punch grafts" on my left cheek. So far, I think she has done a good job. Now my cosmetic derm wants me to have a mid-level Obagi Blue peel. Based on the photos I have provided, is this the correct route I should take? Or should I look into getting C02 laser, or something else?

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Rx. for acne scarring

 An Obagi peel might give you some improvement but not as much as a good laser resurfacing can do. A light laser is no better than a medium peel but a slightly more aggressive laser such as a fractional CO2  with aggressive settings will do more. You will have down tim with either so I would go for the laser. 

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Obagi peel for superficial acne scars after punch grafts

Your scars are pretty superficial. some of the ice pick scars could come up with some TCA CROSS method and deep chemical peeling. You would benefit from co2 laser resurfacing and a multilayered approach can help.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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