I have acne scars and I only want to know is there any one session treatment for removing or noticeably improving them? (photos)

Unfortunately in my country skin doctors are weak and cant do something for my acne scars. So I decided to travel to another country to see a doctor to remove my acne scars. but my only problem is that I can't stay long and have many treatment sessions. I can only stay around 10 days in another country. so I want to know is there any doctor with special method to noticeably improved my scars in only 10 days ?(because I cant stay longer) Thanks

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Deep Acne Scars

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If you only have 10 days and one treatment you will not have these scars removed. Scars are complicated and take a number of treatments to improve. The best suggestion would be to have injections of fillers first and then a few days later to have laser such as eMatrix or Fraxel done.  You will still need additional treatments but would have made a start in your treatment.  Best, Dr. Green

​Improvement of acne scarring with just one treatment.

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Improvement of acne scarring with just one treatment. Yes there are ways to treat acne scars and you can't just use one type of modality or one treatment. If you use just one laser this is not going to do what you want it may improve it to a slight degree but it won't be a major Improvement. You have to do a number of different treatments and you have to do it at the same time. I have experience doing this and have seen that if you stagger these treatments over time they just don't shock the scars and skin enough to make a major difference you have to do them all at once and you have to do it in about 2 or 3 hours

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Deep acne scars

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I think that Bellafill would be a great option for you. It can improve things in one session. Most often more sessions are needed but a significant improvement can be seen in one. Combine with Infini and get even better results. A skin test should be performed with the Bellafill which takes 3-4 weeks to determine if you are allergic.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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