What Treatments Are There for Fading Acne Scars Without Lightening Dramatically Facial Skin Color?

I have olive skin color

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The Cosmion Mask using high potency Vitamin C and M2 Products used daily will help fade your brown spots safely

For pigmented acne scars on olive skin, I recommend using the Cosmion Mask with high potency Super C (Vitamin C)  and M2 products used daily.   This will help fade your brown spots safely without lightening your normal skin.  I would also recommend using the MTS Needle roller 0.5mm just before applying the Super C and the Cosmion Mask.  The MTS Needle will make small holes in the epidermis that enhance the pentration of the Super C.   M2 products used daily may also help keep the acne clear and prevent new scars.  Low fluence VersaPulse laser treatments using 1064nm wavelength at 1-2Joules/cm2 can also very helpful.

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Consultation is necessary, but Vbeam and Fractional are great in combination.

When you are ready to undergo any esthetic procedure, it is best to have a consultation with a board certified cosmetic doctor or dermatologist who you trust. You may also see a technician who can answer your questions for less-invasive treatments such as yours. A good medispa team will give you the honest answers for your unique situation (your starting point, your objectives and your budget).

After your pigmentation consultation, you will have the right options for you. Generally, Vbeam can treat colored pigmentation, whereas fractional laser can treat the uneven skin texture. At the Victoria Park Medispa, we believe in combination therapy for the best possible results. Using different modalities we can target the problem safely, this is why it is best to go to a clinic with various options at their fingertips, so they can choose the right treatment(s) for your unique situation, not just what they happen to have on hand.

At the Victoria Park Medispa, we take off the doctor consultation fee from any appointment booked and offer complimentary consultations with our technicians, therefore reducing a client’s risk of having a treatment performed without taking the time to think about what they really want. Any esthetic tool needs to be in the right hands, to achieve the best possible results.

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