Treating Discolorations Without Treating Scars?

Hello. Is it possible to heal discolorations created by acne without treating scars? Co2 laser I underwent to 6 months ago, didn't helped me with scars and made my discolorations on face even more vissible. But as my scars are not very deep, removing discolorations is bigger priority for me. Can it be done? If so, which methods are most effective? Thank You!

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Treating Discolorations Without Treating Scars from Acne

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If the discoloration from your scars is red, this may fade over time or may be helped by laser treatments for redness.  If your discoloration is brown, you can try bleaching creams or lasers that target brown discoloration.  Most lasers treat specific "colors."  Please use sunscreen at all times as this is your best defense against further discoloration.

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Treating discolorations without treating the scars is possible

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It would depend on what your scars looked like. If they are red, you can use a combination of steroids topically or other agents such as retin A, clindamycin gel, or azelaic acid. If they are pigmented you could use topical skin lightening agents including retin a, hydroquinone, and hydrocortisone. IPL and chemical peels can help as well.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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