Will Normal Coloration Return After Nose Tip? Nose Burn Skin Repair

I burnt the tip of my nose from a hot piece of metal about five months ago. It is a very small dark red/slightly brownish spot on my nose. I try my best to keep it out of the sun and wear sunscreen. My question is should I expect normal coloration/skin to return over time and, if not, what can I do myself to improve the skin.

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Restoring normal color after a burn

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All wounds can leave dyspigmentation on the skin.  This is called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation".   The answer to your question involves many variables.  The depth and severity of the wound could create permanent color and texture change.  Your skin type plays a role too.  The more fair you are the less likely you will suffer permanent discoloration.  The darker your skin type the more likely such pigment will be permanent.  The face is a more forgiving area to remove post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation than other areas of the body.  If the color has not been self-resolving in about 6 months, consider visiting your dermatologist for a bleach cream with hydroquinone and perhaps a series of superficial chemical peels or microdermabration to lighten the offending color.   

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