Another name for "optilipo"?

There is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who's famous client is always putting his name out there. Her doctor seems to be getting the job done with this procedure but when I try to do more research, he is the only one doing this procedure. I think he just renamed something to make it his own. Can someone tell me if optilipo is legit for cellulite and fat breakdown?

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Optilipo ... a SCAM!

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this is not a validated liposuction device or non invasive technique.  I suggest you see an expert who uses validated techniques like VASER HI DEF and does sculpting and defining rather than just a small amount of fat removal.   Or uses non invasive devices such as coolsculpting or sculpsure, which are validated and approved by the FDA.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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No knowledge of this procedure. Check out Cellfina for cellulite treatment. It is the most effective method on the market today to treat cellulite with patient satisfaction rates over 90 % two years after treatment.

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