Is there a solution for very dry, thin skin on legs? (photo)

Hello. I have a very dry and thin skin on my legs. I live in a humid tropical country, include vitamins and minerals in my diet and drink plenty of water. It seems that I have very few pores on my skin. In my childhood I had to take corticosteroids for asthma/eczema and that probably had some impact on my skin, but as far as I remember, I've always had dry skin. I have tried all sort of prescribed lotions and oils. Could you please give me advice for this problem? Many thanks in advance.

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Simplify for best results

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It is very hard to tell from your photo what you have disrupting your skin. However, it does appear to be very dry! Some simple tips can help:

1) avoid detergents such as bar soaps on your skin, switch to a liquid cleanser preferably one that is hydrating such as cetaphil restoraderm body wash.

2) avoid long bathes or showers that are in high heat. clean your most important areas then get out, limit bathing to <5 minutes.

3) apply a moisturizer immediately after bathing and frequently during the day if you feel dry or have flaky, brittle skin. A thicker cream such as eucerin or cerave would work well, apply an ointment at night such as vaseline or aquaphor if you are very dry. If you can tolerate creams with hydroxyacids, you can try one with glycolic or lactic acid for extra benefit.

4) avoid friction and irritating clothing, fragrances, or dyes.

5) use a wet humidifier at night if you live in a dry climate.

Those little tips should help make a big impact! Best of luck, Dr. E.

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