Is There a Way to Prevent Acne Caused by PCOS Without Taking the Contraceptive Pill Which Has Caused Melasma? (photo)

After years of cystic acne, Roaccutane treatment at 18, then again for 8mnth at 25. Exactly 6 months after finishing treatment my acne returned. I have PCOS and have had dermoid cysts removed. Dermatologist and gynecologist advised this is most likely the cause of my acne. Prescribed Diane 35, have clearer skin but developed pigmentation as a side effect. Is there a way to treat PCOS and Acne without the pill? How can i treat the Pigmentation? Sunblock and sun avoidance hasn't helped at all.

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Pigmentation and acne

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The acne and pigmentation are two separate issues so lets start with your hormonal acne first.  A technique I use for hormonal acne when female patients do not want to be on OCPs is Aldactone.  Aldactone, or spironolactone, effectively blocks the effect of hormones at the oil gland and can dramatically reduce the amount of inflammatory acne due to the hormonal picture.  Elevated hormones and OCPs can increase pigmentation of the central face.  Manipulation of hormones does not seem to impact pigmentation.  For this you will need to seek out a doctors office where they dispense systems such as Obagi and offer skin treatments such as peels, BBL that are specific for pigmentation.  Good luck!

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