If There Are Not Many Before and After Photos, Does That Mean There Aren't Many Good Results?

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for a hip repair of an indentation, liposuction and possibly breast augmentation. I liked the doctor and he has over 20 years experience. He didn't have many before and after pictures of the procedures I was interested in. Does this mean he must not have many good results? I did ask why, and was told that many people don't want their pictures shown, and many people don't come back for follow up care.

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Photos demonstrate a Surgeon's Work Product and are Important in Decision Making

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Hi there-

A surgeon's collection of before and after photos is one important piece of the puzzle you must understand in order to make decisions in the way that maximizes your safety and happiness with your outcome and plastic surgery experience.

Comprehensive advice on how to choose a surgeon would also include a careful review of their education, their training, experience, Board Certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the overall quality of the relationship you feel you would develop with them. 

Because photos of our work are the only way you can personally evaluate the quality of our artistic eye (a surgeon's ability to see beauty), it is important to see photos demonstrating work you find attractive and demonstrative of their ability so succeed in cases like yours.

I would generally agree with your surgeon that there are some patients who are uncomfortable with their photos being shown to other patients (especially patients who have had facial procedures performed), but on the other hand if he has been in practice over 20 years I would be concerned if he didn't have more than at least a few examples of excellent work to show me.


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