What is the Best Treatment For Hormonal Cystic Pimples?

I get cystic pimples (one or two) during my pre-menstrual stage. What can I do to prevent these?

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There are Several Options For Cystic or Nodular Acne

Cystic or Nodular acne can be hormonal in nature.  In women we must consider the possibility of polycystic ovarian disease or other hormonal causes.  These underlying causes need to be addressed.  For the isolated cyst or nodule, intra-lesional cortisone can be used.  Oral antibiotics also have a role in this type of acne.  If the nodulo-cystic acne is resistant to these measures, then we consider isotretinoin (Accutane) as long as there are no contraindications.  Female patients can not get pregnant when they are using isotretinoin because they could likely have a deformed baby.


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