What is the Safest Resurfacing Technique For Uneven Skin Tone?

I've been considering skin resurfacing, but there are too many choices. What is the best method? Laser? Chemical peel? Facial? I have relatively good skin, except for a couple of indented scars and uneven tone. I'm nervous about any treatment. I don't want to damage my skin to fix a few irregularities.

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IPL provides safest immediate results.

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There are a variety of ways to treat uneven skin tones. Topical bleaching agents, such as hydroquinone, are probably the safest non-procedure way to reduce darkened areas to more aggressive techniques such as laser resurfacing. In general, the more aggressive the technique, the more possible a dramatic result. Nevertheless, topicals are probably be the safest non-procedure method of improving skin tone. While there is some concern about hydroquinone's long-term use, it is very safe for short periods of time. In terms of the safest procedure for an immediate result, that is probably IPL, intense pulsed light treatments. Intense pulsed light treatments done in a medical setting by experienced personnel can provide a nice improvement in both reds and browns with minimal to no down time and in a very safe fashion. The first step to improving uneven skin tone is consulting with a qualified dermatologist, plastic  surgeon or facial plastic surgeon. 

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Fractionated laser treatments like Fraxel re:store can help

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There are many very safe techniques to improve skin tone such as chemical peels and light therapies however for indented scars, you may need a treatment that goes a little deeper to stimulate collagen renewal. Fractionated lasers are the best way to improve what you have mentioned above. Fraxel Dual ReStore is a laser that uses microscopic laser beams They are safe and use a controlled depth to eliminate sun damage and improve skin texture. That would be the best way to go.

Help for uneven skin tone

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What would do best will depend on how uneven the tone is, why it is uneven and your norma amount of lbackground pigmentation. Do you have a photo?

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