What Would Be the Best Method for Stomach and Breast Reduction?(photos)

A little over 2 years ago I weighted in at 330lbs, and decided that it was time to get my life back in order. Today I currently weigh about 190lbs, but still have a stomach. I am trying to decide if surgery is inevitable. If i lose the rest of the weight in my stomach, will my skin be loose? If I do lipo on my chest, would it be effective?

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Surgery Can Give You A Dramatic Improvement In Dealing With Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss

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FIrst, I'd like to congratulate you on your weight loss. The positive change you've made will definitely improve your overall health. With massive weight loss in a shorter period of time, loose skin is very common, although it appears your problem isn't as bad. You can wait to see if the skin eventually firms up (this happens at a better rate if you're younger). This may take a long time, but you can help it along with nonsurgical treatments like laser skin tightening. However, you may not see an improvement that is up to your expectations. 
The surgical route would definitely give you a more dramatic improvement. Based on your photos, I would say a tummy tuck or circumferential body lift could help remove the excess skin in your mid section (along with any stubborn deposits of fat). This would give you a leaner profile that could also accentuate the appearance of your abodminal muscles. As for your chest, liposuction could definitely help to firm up the area. If necessary, you may also need to remove some excess skin, however that would be dependent on an in-person consultation.
The best of luck to you!

Weight loss and body contouring

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Congratulations!  That is awesome.  Unfortunately, the loose skin will not go away without surgically removing it.  I do this surgery all the time and patients seem to be very happy with the results, but they have to accept a certain amount of incisions.

Contouring after 140 lb weight loss

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Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss. You appear to be an excellent candidate for abdominoplasty to remove the extra skin from the abdomen.  I would need to examine you to give you specific advice for the chest area, but it appears that liposuction alone may suffice.  

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Congratulations on an amazing weight loss. You have been extremely fortunate to have excellent skin tone and recovery relative to other patients with significant weight reduction. I agree that you are a candidate for abdominal surgery although, from the photos alone, I can't determine whether you need skin tightening in the form of a panniculectomy or the formal abdominoplasty. I would defer operating on the breasts. Again, from the photos, it is unclear whether you need formal resection or liposuction.

What Would Be the Best Method for Stomach and Breast Reduction?

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CONGRATS 140 pound weight loss. And great posted photos. My recommendation is lipo for the breasts via Smart Lipo/Vaser/ traditional. And a Skin only tummy tuck. Again way to go. 

What Would Be the Best Method for Stomach and Breast Reduction

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Great job on turning your life styule around. The one thing in common all of my massive weight loss patients say is "I have a few more pounds I want to get rid of". But there has to be a little fat under that skin so it takes getting rid of the skin, ie an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to do the job. As to the breasts, if you can grab up the tissues under and near the nipple and it feels granular, that is true breast tissue and can only be removed surgically. If you grab it up and it all feels soft, that's fat and liposuction would give you what you are after. Either way, you'll love the surgery as a compliment to your weight loss.

Tummy Tuck After Massive Weight Loss

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Congratulations on the wonderful weight loss!  I certainly think that you can undergo a TT now with a good result.  The skin of your breasts has contracted much better than usual with your degree of weight loss.  For that reason, I would try to treat your breasts with lipo alone initially.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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