What is the Name of Insurances that Will Cover Plastic Surgery?

what is the name of insurances that will cover all kind of plastic surgeries and how much can they run,but now this,i'm a SSI and low buget and need the surgeries and soon,i just turned 51 June 9th and i'm a new double amputee but still need the surgeries to help me feel good and look good with my new legs and other things,like i'm getting married next year,please reply soon and thanks doctors

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What Insurances that Will Cover Plastic Surgery?

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This is a great question. First off, there is no general rule that any insurance company will cover any cosmetic procedure. Most insurance companies will cover procedures that are "medically necessary". Each carrier has their own set of rules to  determine  what they consider  "medically necessary". These rules change each year, and some procedures that were covered in the past, e.g. "breast reduction" are now being specifically excluded from policies.

The best way to find out if a procedure you are interested in is going to be covered is to read through your insurance policy as it relates to cosmetic procedures. Most carriers have this information online now, and have a dedicated section about insurance coverage as it relates to "cosmetic" or "plastic surgery" procedures.

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