What is the Best Way to Increase Radiance in Your Skin to Get the Glow?

Hello: I am 34 and am looking to "get the glow" in my skin. My skin is dry and sensitive with minimal fine lines and spots. I am getting married in March and want perfect skin and am wondering what the best thing would be (other that products) to get my skin radiant and glowing with that healthy sheen you see on many celebrities. Thank you so much for your help! L

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Glowing skin

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Thank you for your photo because it really helps make a plan. I would suggest Photofacial (IPL) to get the glow back in your skin. It is great you have not waited until the last minute and we have time to get you to the results you want. I like Photofacial because it is very safe and no down time. Be sure to go to a Dermatologist office and the doctor will be doing your treatments. Remember, this is your face and your big day.

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