What is the Next Best Alternative for a Full Facelift for an Adult?

Cannot have incisions in hairline due to lack of hair. Therefore, am cautious of even an endoscopic operation. Great health, otherwise.

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There are many different approaches to surgery of the face. The answer to your question will depend on what bothers you and the anatomical signs of aging that are present.  There are many ways to limit or camouflage incisions, even with thinning hair. Also, there are skin treatments such as lasers and chemical peels that may be helpful. It would be best to see a board-certified surgeon with experience to discuss the best options for you!

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What is the Next Best Alternative for a Full Facelift for an Adult?

Hi, thank you for your question.  We do a Laser Lift which is just 3 small incisions, one behind each earlobe and one in the chin.  Each incision is the size of a pen tip.  A laser is then used to tighten the muscles and skin.

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