What type of scars can benefit from picosure?

I have this certain acne scar which is atrophic but its borders are somewhat raised.. i had picosure 3 tx, i see some raise in the depressed part but the raised borders seems like more noticeable, they are still pigmented and the pigment is more noticeable with makeup on. is picosure really the right treatment? Unfortunately, my derm has limited laser machine. I also have a maintenance retinoic acid cream, should this help in the raised border of my scar?

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PicOSURE FOCUS and acne scars.

There are several papers claiming outstanding results with Picosure Focus. In my experience this does not compare with other techniques that have been well established for the scar type. I use this laser for 1. Early scars that are pigmented in ethnic skin types 2. PIH (not really scars but pigmentation) 3. As a fading laser after say an erbium laser when PIH develops on the background of general scarring. This laser can also help with mild depressed scars, especially in darker skin type. Video shows how I generally use Pico. for acne scars. Dr  Davin Lim, Brisbane, Australia. 

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