What can I do to curve my appetite to ensure maximum weight loss? (Photo)

I started at 298lbs after 2 days I was down to 287lbs, now I'm home and real life is here! I don't eat nearly as much but I'm STARVING! What can I do?

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Tips for Appetite Control

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Thank you for your great question. One of the key components of weight loss and maintenance is to keep yourself satiated. Start your day with a high protein breakfast, such as eggs and bacon. Don't skip meals throughout the day, and stay hydrated. When you feel hungry, reach for a high protein snack, and stay away from foods that cause your blood sugar to spike. Most importantly, stay away from highly processed carbohydrates and refined sugars such as breads and sweets. 

When you find yourself reaching for a snack, ask yourself if you are truly hungry, or if you are bored or stressed. Staying conscious of why you're eating will also help you make good decisions throughout the day and ultimately result in weight loss. 

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