Surgical Scar Pulls Apart After Stitches Removed?

I recently had a BCC removed from my face, withing 12 hrs of having the stitches removed the incision pulled open, I am afraid this will leave a bigger scar on my face halfway between my eye and cheek, should I just leave it to heal on it's own, or should I contact the dr that performed the procedure? The stitches were in for over 10 days, I am also a diabetic, with BS that are running high.

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It sounds like you have some degree of a wound dehiscence. I would contact the operating surgeon to be seen

New York Plastic Surgeon

Scar separation and poor scar formation

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I would recommend prompt intervention to prevent further separation of the scar and prolonged wound healing. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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What to do with a scar that breaks open

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The technical term for this event is wound dehiscence.  Whether to leave it open  and leet it heal on its own, or replace some sutures for awhile in order to give it some direction as to which way it will heal depends on several factors.  If if is a linear scar lined up in the relaxed lines of tension, it often will heal better on its own.  More complicated closures or  wound with a lot of tension across it may need  a stitch or two to realign the wound for better healing.  Check with your surgeon

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Call your Mohs surgeon

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Sorry to hear your scar opened up from your skin cancer surgery. I agree with the post below that you should contact your Mohs surgeon who did the surgery. Every physician manages this situation differently so its best to let the person who did this procedure know. Diabetes does impede the wound healing process so that may have had a role in the slow wound healing. 

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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Surgical Scar Pulls Apart After Stitches Removed?

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Most often if an incision pulls apart after the sutures are removed, this results from too much tension being placed on the skin sutures at the time of wound repair. Most often when an incision dehisces in this manner, we treat the wound conservatively and wait for it to heal on its own. This can result in a surprisingly nice appearing result. You should seek the opinion of your dermatologist before doing anything. However, what has worked best in my experience is to keep the wound clean and moist during this time period. You can clean your face with a gentle cleanser and make sure the wound is always glistening with either an antibiotic ointment, Vasline or Aquaphor. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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