I Have Seen Surgeries Where the Incisions Seen Very Significant is There a Way to Reduce?

Can an incision be made to not look so apparent? I know its possible I'm asking a miracle I have just looked online at several surgeries and it just looks like such a big scar?

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Scars and Surgery

No one would be happier than surgeons if we could accomplish what we need WITHOUT having to leave a scar. While minimal scar techniques have slowly changed the face of General Surgery and are used to take out gallbladders, repair hernias, remove appendices and spleens and perform Bariatric Surgery, among many other applications, they are not applicable in Plastic Surgery. To be able to remove wide areas of loose tummy and facial skin, we are forced to place long "hem line" scars. The best we CAN do is orient the scar along the most beneficial direction, close the wounds under the least amount of tension, handle the tissues gently and close the wounds in multiple layers to reduce tension at the skin surface which would result in ugly scarring. Post-surgical care and avoidance of ultra-violet radiation also minimize scar visibility and prominence. Dr. Peter Aldea

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Surgical scarring

You cannot do surgery without some sort of incision and all incisions heal with some sort of scar. The plastic surgeons goals are to make this scar as least noticeable as possible. This is done placing the closing scars along natural skin creases, closing the incisions under minimal tension, protecting operating sites from sunlight and various postoperative management methods like scar injections, laser treatments and scar taping. Despite this there are patient factors that we cannot control like genetic predisposition to bad scars and non-compliance with scar taping regimens. I have patients who developed very good scars and others who have not despite very similar surgery and scar treatment. I even had one tummy tuck patient who had a very good quality scar until about a year afterward. She required scar injections between the 1 year and 1 1/2 year periods after surgery. That was a very unusual case. Bad scars do not usually develop right after surgery, it takes some number of months. It is during those months that preventive scar care works the best.

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Surgical Scars

There are two aspects to surgical scars: proper preparation and adequate post procedure care.  Thinking about where the scar is going to be and using good technique is more than half the battle.  It is easier to prevent a poor scar than it is to treat it.  The second part is good post procedure care.  Despite the best of efforts, some people do not heal well and having many tools available to modify the healing response is important to getting the best result.

This is the reason that you should always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.  You can learn the basics of a Facelift in a weekend course but it takes years of training and study to get great results. 

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Improving scars after surgical procedures.

It is difficult to assesswithout a picture but if it appears hyperpigmented and efforts to bleach the area may be beneficial. If it is red, IPL treatments may also be beneficial. Occasionally dermabrasion may be useful as well.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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