Can One Successfully and Substantially Reduce "Marionette Lines"?

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Can marionette lines be reduced?

Yes, soft tissue fillers like Perlane work well in the marrionette lines.  Perlane lasts about 8-9 months.  Sculptra can also be used and with 2-3 treatments can provide correction that lasts up to 2 years.

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Marionette Lines can Be Wiped Out

Marionette Lines are due to loss of soft tissue, bone loss and sagging in general.

They can usually be fixed by injections that replace what has been lost. For some patients, this involves injections into the upper portion of the skin using thinner hyaluronic acid fillers. Other patients require fillers that are thicker and placed deeper in the skin.

Sometimes, injections with botulinum toxin fillers may be used to relax the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downwards.

Finally, some patients have so much fat pad pushing downwards that surgery is the best alternative.

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Marionette lines can be improved.

How much improvement you get with fillers in marionette lines is variable and depends on your lines, what fillers and how much filler you are willing to use. The lines can certainly be made less deep but I tell my patients that if they expect them to be perfect they might be disappointed. Rather have them be pleasantly surprised as some correct very well. Have your doctor evaluate them and see what they think. Make sure that whoever you use has experience with this as some filler companies will sell to some interesting buyers. 

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Marionette lines

Marionette lines are tough. The sooner you treat them as you age the better the long term results. Use the filler of your doctor's choice and be prepares to get improvement but not%100.

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Marionette lines

You can successfully and substantially reduce marionette lines as proven in the photos on the referenced web page. If they are really deep though a filler of fat, fascia or injectable filler will also probably needed. The jowling associated with the line though is easier and more reliably removed even in severe cases.

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