Can Stretch Marks Be Surgically Removed from Any Part of the Body?

I developed stretch marks on my calves, back thighs, and buttocks during a growth spurt when I was thirteen. I then developed stretch marks on my sides, hips, abdomen, breasts and front upper thighs during pregnancy. So I'm basically covered in scars.

I've used creams which helped diminish my marks significantly, but I was wondering whether I could achieve better results through surgery. I have heard of Tummy Tuck surgery removing stretch marks so I wanted to know whether surgery could remove stretch marks from other parts of my body. Thank you.

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Surgery to remove stretch marks not always possible

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Unfortunately stretch marks cannot be removed by any non-surgical method. The only way they can be removed is through surgery. Stretch marks are caused because the skin is stretched beyond its capacity to recoil. Its like a rubber band that is over stretched and can never regain its original shortened length. Any laser that claims to tighten skin has not addressed the basic physiologic problem which is a dermis that is overstretched. The laser will however help the coloration but the stretch marks themselves will persist. You have to ask yourself if the goal is stretch mark removal or if its the discoloration that bothers you. In some areas it is not practical to simply excise skin.  This may include the calves.  To specifically address her concerns you should visit with a plastic surgeon.

Stretch marks, vbeam, fraxel

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Any stretch mark in the excess skin removed though the surgery, offcourse will be gone. For remaining areas of stretch marks lasers can help lessen the stretch marks. We use Vbeam, Fraxel or other lasers to treat the stretch marks and have achieved excellent results in the past. We published our research on over 100 patients. Patients are generally quite satisfied. A consultation is ofcouse is required before the treatment. For more information please visit the link.

Stretch mark expert

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Lasers work well to improve the color and appearance of stretch marks.  Before surgery, you may consider trying laser techniques for stretch marks.  I recommend that patients pretreat their skin with Melarase prior to laser.

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