What Are Less Common Causes of Stretch Marks?

I'm in my mid-twenties and I keep getting new stretch marks. I have never been overweight or pregnant, I have kept a stable weight for a long time, I maintain a healthy diet, I exercise, I moisturize often. I don't drink caffeine and I drink lots of water. And yet I keep getting new ones constantly. No women in my family have this problem. I've even gone so far as getting tested for Cushing's Syndrome. What could be the reason I keep developing new marks?

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Dermatology Consult

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I would advise ;you seek a dermatology consult, if you have not had one as of yet. The purpose would be to ensure that you have striae after all.

Since the usual causes do not seem to be applicable ( weight-lifting, heavy exercise, oral or topical steroid use, pregnancy, lactation) and you have been checked for Cushing's Disease, it is possible that there is a different diagnosis such as granulomatous slack skin, cutis laxa etc.

If you want me to give you an unusual cause, striae have rarely been repoorted with liver disease.

Good luck.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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