Can you have two different genitals at the same time through surgery?

Can you have two different genitals at the same time, without removing the male part and having also a female genital in a lower place? or should the male organ be placed up a little higher? If this is possible, I could want a surgery for additional genital(female genital), without removing my male genital.

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You cannot surgically obtain both male and female genitalia at the same time.

Though this might be something that could be technically attempted, M-F transgender patients require use of the penile and scrotal tissues in the creation of the appropriate female genitalia. Anatomic and surgical constraints prevent the creation of simultaneous male and female genitalia.

By the way, the online photographs that depict this are all photoshopped--this does not exist in reality! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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It is technically possible to have female genitalia created without removing male

Well technically this is possible by removing the testes and using scrotal tissue and grafting, there would need to be psychological support to justify this step.  Would this be a somewhat noncommittal step towards gender reassignment of is the goal to be permanently both genders?  While there is not a problem technically, ethical plastic surgeons must do their best to make sure a patient is making a sound decision for themselves.  I hope this helps!
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