Best Cream for Scars / Pigmentation Problem?

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Scar Cream Facts and Fiction

Dear Antipolo, the answer to your question is one that has eluded both patients and surgeons for decades.  There is not one scar cream that has been proven to be better for all scars.  Many studies have compared the active ingredients in over the counter scar creams with very little difference noted.  Most show that doing something is better than nothing. 

Each individual scar has characteristics such as color, width, elevation above the normal skin (hypertrophy)  which can be affected by: 

  1. the location on the body
  2. the tightness of the scar (tension), 
  3. the care you give the scar in its early healing period, and
  4. your inherent tendency to scar excessively.  

You should discuss your scar with your surgeon and develop a treatment plan which may include silicone sheeting or gel , vitamin E, adhesives, or even products to address pigmentation. 

On the face, I change my scar management protocol as the scar matures and often used adhesive 3M paper tape initially or silicone sheeting.  Dermabrasion or laser treatment such as Fraxel can be helpful in certain cases as well. 

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