Will having overdenture implants help with TMJ?

I have had dentures for 8 years and im about to have overdenture implants put in. I was wondering if doing this will help with the pain in my jaw joint. I have read that it might because it realligns.

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OverDenture Implants for TMJ

Because there are many different reasons for TMJ problems, I would make sure that your dentist rules out other causes besides the way your teeth fit together prior to assuming that overdentures will correct the problem. Overdentures address the issue of retention, but not always create stability. That means your teeth will stay in place, but you may perceive some movement as you chew. The All-on-4 procedure on the other hand can achieve both retention and stability. Consider that as an option if you're a candidate. 

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Dental implants do not treat TMJ issues directly

While dental implants can stabilize a denture, the implants themselves do nothing to the TMJ.  Not directly.  The DENTURE is the key to changing a bite, and the implants can make the denture stable, so the answer is "yes and no."

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TMJ and Dental Implants

New dentures whether they are retained by implants can definitely improve TMJ function and TMD symptoms. This is accomplished by correcting your occlusion (bite) to its proper position 

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Tmj Pain

Placing implants won't necessarily help with pain in your jaw joint. Whereas, it certainly will help with the stability of your denture, your jaw joint pain is often times related to how the dentures come together ( your bite) and not just the stability of them. You can also be having arthritic changes in your jaw joints as well. There are a number of reasons why your joints could hurt. Having said that, placing implants to help support your denture is a very good thing to do. I hope this helps!

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