Does an Umbilical Hernia Require a Plastic Surgeon?

My son had a umbilical hernia repair in December 2008 at just over 1 year old. He is now almost exactly 3-1/2 years old and there has been no change to it going down, which we were told there would be. Saw a pediatric surgeon who said it would get better on its own but hasn't. Should we be seeing a plastic surgeon to see if he can help. I just want him to have it as normal as possible so he's not teased in a few years. Thanks!

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Hernia repair

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If the hernia repair did not get treated successfully, then perhaps it needs to be redone. If this is due to skin excess from the overstretched area, it may need skin excision.

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Excess skin after hernia repair

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It is hard to say from the photo alone but it looks like the tissue was stretched by the previous hernia but it looks like there currently is no hernia. If that is the case it is a simple procedure for a plastic surgeon to remove the excess skin and reshape the belly button. I am sure there are many in your home state that could do this.

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