Can the "Flap" From my C-section be Fixed?

Since my son's birth my weight has fluctuated a bunch (between 20 and 70 lbs) due to a suspected thyroid disorder and PCOS that my OB/GYN thinks we'll have under control soon. Now,my belly has suffered through all of this, I have the weird c-section flap/apron/whatever over the lower part of my stomach and my belly button looks odd. I keep losing weight, but I look softer and less toned than ever. I have made the health choices necessary to get my body back, but how can surgery help me? Thanks!

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Fixing the abdomen

It looks like you could still lose some weight but after, a full tummy tuck will tighten the muscles, flatten the abdominal wall, and remove the excess skin and fat apron in the lower abdomen.

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