Smile Lines I Want to Get Rid Of? (photo)

I have sharp almost razor blade type smile lines starting. Want to get rid of them w/out changing the shape of my face w/ a filler. Even my aesthetician warned that radiasse could change the shape of my face- by increasing the volume in areas like my cheeks etc. Is there any treatment that can go right into the lines and no where else on my face? What can I do?

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There is filler that can be filled into your nasal labial fold to help. You can do restalyne, juverderm and even sculptra. It all depends to what doctor you go to every doctor has their own idea.


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Treatment of smile lines

There is a filler treatment that can be injected directly into the lines to help soften them.  It is called Belotero and is a relatively new hyaluronic acid filler that can be injected more superficially than the others.  I would recommend giving it a try as you seem to be an excellent candidate for this treatment.

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