Lumps After SmartLipo MPX Related to Fat Reabsorption?

Five weeks ago, I had SmartLipo with the newer equipment that promotes the best skin tightening (MPX), which I see here is good.

Although my lower abdomen is flat, it has hard lumpy spots. My upper abdomen had a few hard spots and seems to have a "roll" that is still numb, tender and sore.

I was told 1100 ccs were removed, but does any of the fat affected by the laser get reabsorbed by the body or is it all suctioned out? Would this have anything to do with why I have the lumpy spots?

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Lumps after smart liposuction

After smart liposuction and even standard liposuction it is common to have hard areas of tissue that are a combination of swelling scar and fat. It will take 3 to 6 months and I read one report where it took 9 months for things to finally resolve. So try not to get too concerned about it yet. I would suggest showing this to your surgeon and massage them everyday for a few minutes to help them resolve.

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Lumps After SmartLipo MPX Related to Fat Reabsorption

Dear fantastic. Thank you for submitting your question. Swelling after liposuction will last for many weeks after surgery. Final results take 6-12 months. Some of the fat left after lipo will be resorbed. Hard lumpy areas are common in the first several weeks after lipo but rest assurred they will dissapate in 6-12 weeks.   Continue to use your contour garment, massage the hard areas , external ultrasound and lymphatic massage will help to decrease swelling faster. Discuss your concerns with your Plastic surgeon.

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Lumps after lipo

lumps at your procedure at this time is certainly not uncommon, that is why we say it takes atleast three months to see final result

David J. Goodkind, MD
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Lumps are completely normal at 5 weeks

We see a significant amount of patients around the one month post operative time that come in with some unevenness, etc. Without seeing you, it is very difficult to diagnose that this is the case, but it sounds like a normal occurrence following this procedure. Our bodies go through a variety of normal inflammatory responses following trauma to the tissue. Ie: surgery. This includes these "bricks" and lumpy feeling tissue that most people feel. Most of this should subside in a couple more weeks. I would touch base with the physician that did your procedure to make sure that they Agee, since they know you personally. I hope this helps.

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Lumps AFter SmartLipo

My experience when comparing my patients who have had SmartLipo MPX to those who have had traditional lipo is that lumps can occur in both groups, but they may be a bit more common after SmartLipo.  It may be from some of the liquified fat remaining behind and causing prolonged swelling or hardness.

I recommend and provide lymphatic massage for all of my lipo patients, and this really seems to help in the 4-6 week period after surgery.

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Sounds normal: lumps after smart lipo

Yes, the lumps are most likely due to unresorbed destroyed fat. Most of the time, your body will reabsorb this over time and become softer. Discuss this with your surgeon. Some advise various technologies to promote softening of the lumps.

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Lumps after Smart Lipo

Any time that fat is traumatized, there will be temporary lumpiness and numbness.  I have not found this to be any worse with Smart Lipo than with traditional liposculpture.

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Lumps after Smart Lipo is usually swelling

The large area you describe in your lower abdomen without seeing you seems to be the swelling settling with gravity. 4000cc is on the high side to be associated with Smart Lipo, but a Lipo of that magnatude would most likely have more swellling

Having done the research studies in this, the other reson to have firmness is fromm a high degree of laser energy in the fat (deep layer).

For swelling, your best treatment is compression, massage, and a treatment by a similar machine made by the Smart Lipo company called the Triactive.

You should really show this to your doctor to have them advise you what to do next

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Lumps after Smart Lipo

Lumps and prolonged tenderness are common after Smart Lipo.

The lumps are secondary to dead unresorbed fat which forms a ridge of scar tissue. I would recommend use of compression to diminish swelling and modulate the scar.

The tenderness is due to the fact that the fat melted includes that fat inside the protective cells that wrap around nerve cells (Schwann cells).

Check out the link below for an explanation of the differences between heat energy lipo (Laser, Ultrasound) and conventional suction lipo and why some surgeons who have tried both still prefer suction lipo. The video also has more info.

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
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