SmartLipo MPX - Does Higher Watts Mean Better Results?

For SmartLipo MPX does higher watts mean better results? Is a 46 watt better than a 32 watt? Or is there not a lot of difference between a 46 watt result and a 32 watt result?

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Smart lipo; watts relate to results??

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  • the higher the wattage of the laser machine the quicker the procedure can be done
  • if the procedure can be done with less strokes of the cannula i guess the result could be better and you would help faster
  • it is the wavelengths of energy that lead to better results, the 1440nm of the Triplex is absorbed 40x better by fat, that makes a difference

New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Higher watts does not mean that you will get a better result.

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Higher watts will not guarantee a better result following SmartLipo MPX and may increase the risks of adverse effects including skin ulceration.    If you doctor has extensive experience with SmartLipo MPX he/she will use settings and techniques that give the best results in his/her hands.   The most important thing is to be sure you find an expert with a lots of experience.  

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Smartlipo, 32 and 46 watt machines are similar

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The more powerful machine delivers the energy faster.  It isn't necessarily better, however.  I do a lot of Smartlipo and rarely don't use it at full power to avoid excess injury to the tissues.

Smartlipo MPX - does higher wattage/power give better results

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The higher the wattage (18W)  (32W)  (46W),  the more energy that is delivered to the tissues in the same amount of time.  If the area to be treated is particularly thick or dense (such as a man's chest)  the higher wattage will make fat removal quicker and more efficient.  If the area to be treated is thin and delicate (such as  the anterior neck) your surgeon may want to use a lower power setting to avoid injury to these more delicate tissues/skin.  By varying the wattage/power depending on the anatomy of the area to be treated one can achieve the best result.

Low watt energy for laser lipolysis is often superior to high wattage

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Low watt energy for laser lipolysis is often superior to high wattage. This is because more heat is generated per second and can cause more injury to the tissue.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Higher power SmartLipo does not equal better results!

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SmartLipo has been around in some form for more than 10 years. The original units offering a single laser wavelength and maximal power of 12 - 18 W worked but are now considered suboptimal. The newest units have more power, more than one wavelength of laser energy and more technologies within the platform to improve the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

Many of us have extensive experience with the latest SmartLipo Triplex platform which incorporates all of these advances and gives us a very versatile tool for optimizing the results for patients. Higher power allows the surgeon to achieve the therapeutic endpoint faster but this is not the only goal. Uniform and safe heating of the deeper fat and the dermis requires skill and patience.  Sometimes too much power can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The credentials, skills and judgement of the Plastic Surgeon are still the most important factors in achieving the best and safest results with any cosmetic surgcial procedure.

I have used all different technologies for liposuction but none compares to the results we can now achieve with SmartLipo Triplex technology.

Dr. Mosher

SMARTLIPO MPX 46W versus 32W

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Similar results can be acheived with both the 32W and 46W MPX Devices. However, the treatment time per area will be longer with the lower energy (32W) unit. The unit that I use is a 46W MPX. I usually choose the 36W  Blend 3 setting except for patients with larger areas to treat. In those cases, I may treat the are with energy levels up to 46W.

SmartLipo MPX - Does Higher Watts Mean Better Results

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I believe from my own personal experience that the higher the frequencies or wattage the better delivery of the heat energy to the area gives better final results. I ONLY use the Smart Lipo MPX unit. 

Different Power Levels of The SmartLipo Systems

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The newer systems have gone up in the amount of watts that can be used every year.  This higher energy level translates into faster treatment times but not necessarily better results.

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