I have a lot of bumps on my cheeks for months now and I am starting to get them on my forehead also. (photos)

I use a lot of makeup and I thougt that I wasn't doing enaough cleaning of my face. So I started using a lor of products, scrubs, creams and masks. The more I do about it, the worst it is.... My doctor gave me cream but after 2 weeks of use there is not any diference.

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Bumps on face

From your picture, it looks like you have mainly papules (bumps), without whiteheads. This type of congested acne might respond well to chemical peels. Topical treatments generally take more than 2 weeks to work. I would recommend stopping any abrasive scrubs as they can cause more inflammation.  Also, research dietary changes that can help with acne.

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Dr. Norcom

Portland Physician
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Acne problems

I would see a dermatologist for this. There are many treatments to improve this including topicals, orals, peels, and lasers. I know we could improve these but it will take a bit more time than 2 weeks.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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