How can I remove this mark from my face? (Photo)

I had a black mark on my face left side so i remove this by apply acid on this so it can be remove but there is a mark left due to acid. So plz tell me how to clear this mark?????

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​Removing an acne or other disease process dark hyperpigmented mark on your face.

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It depends on how deep the lesion is. If it's a eeep lesion, you may need to excise it with different approaches including lasers, excision and then treat any sort of surface irregularities or hyperpigmentation that you will likely get given that you are a dark-skinned individual. I think next time you could send some closer pictures and we can get a better look at it. So the process would be excision, ablation then further treatment if there is any surface markings. But if it is superficial some controlled ablation can work.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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