Scars On My Legs From Bug Bites? 18 y/o, African.

Im 18 years old and im originallly African and I have dark skin. When I was yonger I was bitten by mosquitos on holiday to Africa and also got certain spots on my legs that had pus in them and used to itch. They have stopped now but they left really hideous marks all over my legs and I want to know how to get rid of them. Do I use scar creams? Retin-A creams? And if so, what concentrate. Its really affecting my life ad they show so much outside. I really need help. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

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Scars on the leg

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Unfortunately creams do not help much in established scars.

The photographs were not very clear, but the scars may not be as noticeable as you think they are.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Melarase creams and MelaPeel for dark scars on the legs in African American Skin

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I see many patients with these discolored scars.  I would begin treatment with Melarase cream twice daily followed by a MelaPeel once monthly for at least three months to lighten and even out the scar color. 

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