I Have Scars from Pimples and Sometimes They Itch Me, What Should I Do to Remove Them They?

on the chest,back,on the fore skin of my organ

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Scars from pimples and how to remove them

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I would probably say that scars can be improved but they are not really removed completely. You should be conservative on your expectations on how much the scars will improve. There are many options. A good skin care regimen is needed. co2 laser resurfacing could play a role as well.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Scars can be irritated, but see a physician

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Scars can be irritated from rubbing, fabrics, lotions, soaps, etc. However, I think you need to see a physician and determine if what you actually have are scars, or something else. I think you might have something else going on. I'd recommend a dermatologist evaluate you.

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