Scars after stitches: How should I treat them?

hi am concern about my son he has 6 stitches in his cheek I removed it in hospital after 3 days to get less scars and I need to no about how can I treat this scars after healing

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Treatment of Scars

Without seeing the scar, and knowing more about what caused the scar, it is very difficult to provide any information. Generally speaking, the healing process will likely take 6-12 months to reach completion. Sun protection is very important. Specifics about the potential benefits of topical creams or silicone gel, and the use of scar massage would depend the appearance of the scar and how it is progressing. I would suggest that you speak to the doctor that has treated your son, or consult with a plastic surgeon, to get more specific and appropriate answers. Best wishes. Ken Dembny

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