What Do with Such a Scar? (photo)

The trauma happened early Sept. Given the location of the scar, I cannot use silicone sheet regularly (work during the day, they falling off on the night) and only using them few hours per day in the evening. So I rely on Dermatix: in the morning (then covering up) and before the bed. No results whatsoever from 09/25 to 10/19....What are my options? Cortisone injection? Laser but which one? Is it the right time to attack with that? If not, what can I do in the meantime? Your kind help is much appreciated

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Facial scar below the lip and above the lip

Pulsed dye laser will help with the redness and swelling.  Fractional co2 laser should be performed to retexture the scar and camouflage it altogther. 

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What to do with Scar?

Hi Herrison.  Time should help with a small scar like yours.  If time did not correct the issue of bumpiness or redness, we would use Kenalog injections to flatten the scar and pulsed dye lasers to remove the redness.  

Your prognosis is good either way as it looks relatively minor.

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If the scar is relatively new, you can use Kitoscell gel. I'm not sure if it is available in the United States, but you can always check online.

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Time is the most important factor in scar healing

The best things you can do are sun avoidance, massage, and time.  At a year, it will be dramatically better.  Maybe buy some Dermablend to cover it up so you are less self conscious about it.  Hold off on lasers and steroids for now. Good luck.

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