Is Scar Tissue Drier Than Normal Skin?

Just wondering if scar tissue is generally drier than normal skin. I'm told that the renewed skin resulting from resurfacing procedures is actually scar tissue. If scar tissue is generally drier than normal skin does that mean the resulting skin of resurfacing will always be drier than normal skin resulting in premature aging?

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Scar Tissue versus Normal Tissue in Resurfacing

This is a very good question and requires a definition of scar tissue and the regenerative effects of skin resurfacing.  A scar is the body's response to an incision or laceration in which a collagen matrix is laid down to close or fill in the gap created by the injury.  "Scar Tissue" is histologically different from normal skin because it will generally not have sweat glands, hair follicles, sebaceous glands etc (adnexal structures).  Therefore, a thin scar after incisional surgery is desirable because scar tissue looks different to the naked eye than normal, untouched skin.  Safe, well performed skin resurfacing should not produce what we define as "Scar Tissue".  Medium to Deep skin resurfacing, as is performed in laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, or Dermabrasion removes the epidermis and a variable amount of dermis, allowing the surface of the skin to regenerate from adnexal structures. However, the skin that is regenerated still has the important and desirable adnexal structures, differentiating it from scar.  The neo-dermis has thicker and more tightly bound collagen bundles, causing effacement of lines and wrinkles, but still looks like normal skin to the naked eye.

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